VIDEO: Mini Slim Thin Frames 2 Ways!

Hi everyone! Today I’m sharing ideas on how to use Mini Slim Thin Frame dies on your cards. While these are for the Mini Slim, you can use these ideas in any size card!


I have a video walking your through my process that you can view down below or HERE on my Youtube channel.

I provide full instructions in my video so below I will list the main supplies used. Please refer to the video HERE for more details.



Hope you enjoyed today’s inspiration!


2 thoughts on “VIDEO: Mini Slim Thin Frames 2 Ways!

  1. spilor says:

    Love these cards, Mindy! I am especially partial to the toucan with that gorgeous set of frames that became a colorful background, but they are both nice. I think you were / are too hard on yourself about the outline around the one flamingo. I did not even notice it until you highlighted it.
    Your work is also just fab!! I ordered other items from this TE release and now I am thinking I should have gotten these items. Pooh… I will get them another time.
    Lori S in PA


  2. Marisela Delgado says:

    Girl, our “mistakes” are what make our cards unique. It’s what makes them handmade. With that said, your cards are always so beautiful. We just see the beauty and don’t notice any “oops.” Just be the rock star that you are and that we love. 💜 Both cards are gorgeous, but I am partial to the flamingo card.


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