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VIDEO: I Forgot About This Craft Supply!

You know you have them. Those craft supplies you purchase and then once it arrives you completely forget what you purchased it for. Or used it once and then it got stuffed in a drawer. And there it sat. Sat for 10 years. Until you cleaned out your drawers and thought “I don’t even know why I bought this” and toss it.

Then low and behold a stamp set comes along and a friend says “Hey – you got this stuff?”. Well gosh no but boy is it a good idea!

Introducing Liquid Appliqué. I bought this stuff eons ago for beards on Santa and then tossed it because it was old and didn’t know what else to use it on. Then Taylor comes along and reminds me what an amazing product it is for the beer mugs!


You can catch the full tutorial down below or HERE on my Youtube channel.

The cards that I’m using the Liquid Appliqué on today feature products from the Taylored Expressions latest release. It’s fun! It’s unique and makes great birthday or Father’s Day cards.

I provide full instructions in my video so below I will list the main supplies used. Please refer to the video HERE for more details.



Thanks so much for joining me today!


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  1. spilor says:

    Dear M –
    I am a big fan of Liquid Appliqué. I love it for anything to do with snow. I love it in the tan for teddy bears. If you have any characters in bathrobes, it’s good for bathrobes. Good for anything that should be fluffy. I never thought of applying glitter to it, though! Great!!

    I LOVE these cards. The issue is that I am going broke, broke, broke buying SO many good things that are out there right now. I already have a beer mug stamp and my dad is not a big beer drinker anyway… occasionally, but not sure I would build my card around that. However, I like it for a “congrats!” card and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the bokeh stencil to echo the bubbles. Of course, I think the LA as the beer’s foamy head is a genius touch!! I also thank you for introducing me to this list of sayings; there are many here that could get a lot of use! I don’t like buying sentiment sets that are so narrow in scope as to be rarely-used.

    As always, you and your cards are terrific!
    L in PA

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