Photography for Card Makers: Using Stamps As Props

Hi friends! I have a little bit different type of post for you today. This goes out to any of you who like to take pictures of your cards and have props in the picture. Mainly, using stamps as props.


I have a video that you can view down below or HERE on my Youtube channel.

This video is one that has been requested for a while and hoping to do more of them in the future.

Please note, I am NOT a professional photographer and my pictures are far from perfect. But I like them lol .. and this is a trick that I have found quite helpful.

You may notice in my pictures that I like to use props with my card. A lot of times, it’s the supplies I used to make the card. Stencils are so hard to photograph so I use other tools, inks and stamps.

Good quality stamps will stain, just a fact of stamping. That staining can steal the show if used in your pictures.

When photographing cards, we want the card to be the center of attention. The rest is just pretty fluff. Sometimes that fluff can help with visual representation.

(You can watch a tutorial of the card shown about HERE).

Maybe you don’t know a stamp by name, but you recognize it. Using them as props can be helpful but it’s all a matter of what YOU like. It’s YOUR picture and no one says you HAVE to use any props.

I will typically show a small corner of the stamp set next to my card. Notice you can see the stamps but no staining.

(You can watch a tutorial of the card shown above HERE).

I am going to use my latest card as an example.

(You can watch a tutorial of the card shown above HERE).

I had used the large floral image from The Lord Is My Shepherd from Gina K Designs. I stamped it in Black Onyx ink and even though I throughly cleaned it, there is still staining.

The easiest thing you can do? Just take that stamp off your carrier sheet. I know this may sound terribly simple but it took me years to realize it lol .

If you really wanted to, you could remove ALL the stamps on a particular stamp set and just have the printed carrier sheet.

After I remove the stained stamp, pull it into my Photoshop where I do all my photo editing, and add some highlights, you can barely notice that there isn’t a stamp there. Besides, I’m not usually showing the whole stamp set anyway, just a corner.

So now, in my picture, you can see in this top left hand corner, a small part of the image used but no stained image.

So that is my little tidbit to share with you if you enjoy taking pictures of your cards.

Hope you found it helpful!

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  1. Fantastic video. Thank you for the great tips.

  2. Superb tip, Mindy! I never thought of that!
    Lori S in PA

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