Note of Thanks + HUGE Crafty Sales!

I just wanted to pop in and say how very Thankful I am for all of you. Finding cardmaking has been such a joy to me and I love sharing it with everyone. Over the past few years, I have met so many amazing people that share the same joy as me and some have become some of my best friends.

The company owners/designers that I work with and have come to know have been a true blessing. To be able to start in a small hobby and now call a business has allowed me to continue to be home with my son and yet contribute to household expenses. You have provided that for me. When you watch my videos, use my affiliate links, share my content or even just by leaving a comment, all of it contributes to my business.

Not only does that contribute to me but also helps these companies. Some are very small and they run their business right out of their home, working late nights around kids schedules. They love creating products as much as I love creating content and each purchase helps them.

I am grateful for all of it and all of you. You have no idea how much it all means to me. Working from home, in a kitchen non-the-less with little space, can be challenging but you make it all worth while. The fact that I can inspire you and you share it with me brings a smile to my face every time.

So with that – I thank you.

I also hope you are enjoying the new website. I believe things should be easy on the eyes and navigate with ease.

I have created a new sales page that I’m hoping to update as much as possible. If you had it bookmarked before, you will need to re-bookmark it.

I have the new page listed under Papercrafty Sales. I have just updated it with a TON of great deals!

Yours truly –

Thankful & Blessed: Mindy Eggen

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  1. Mary Ellen Guikema says:

    I love this tip about how to use a larger piece of cardstock with the mini wreath builder. Thank you for figuring this out and sharing it.

  2. Chris Bishop says:

    Hi Mindy I wanted to wish you and your loved ones a HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!! Stay safe and warm!! Thank you for all your inspiration this year!!

  3. Susan R Opel says:

    Love you!

  4. Thank YOU, Mindy!!!

  5. What great tips for the wreath builder! THANK YOU!

  6. Marisela Delgado says:

    Thank YOU for all you teach us and inspire us to try what we may see as impossible.

  7. Lauryne Cunningham says:

    I love your new sales page! It’s laid out very nicely and easy to read. Thank you for the time you took to do that and for your creative inspiration!

  8. spilor says:

    Hi, Mindy – We’re thankful for YOU! You make learning techniques so easy and you give us excellent videos to watch that lower our stress levels! Thanks!!!
    Lori S in PA

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