Countdown to My Monthly Hero October 2021

Welcome everyone ! It’s time to countdown to the next My Monthly Hero Kit from Hero Arts! We have some amazing inspiration to share with you so be sure to visit the Hero Arts blog to see what the Creative Team has been up to!

One of my favorite movies around the holidays was Home Alone. Have you seen it? Do you remember the old fashioned toy store with the doves? It’s been a while since I’ve seen the movie but when I picture that toy store, this is what comes to me.

I love the old fashioned look to this window. I added detail by tracing over some of die cut lines with a copic marker.

We also have this beautiful Christmas tree that you can color with your favorite coloring medium and honestly my favorite is this wooden rocking horse.

I ink blended a little Lemon Drop Reactive Ink in the background to give a warm glow. Cozy right?

This window also really reminds me of Charles Dickens Twas The Night Before Christmas. I adore this vintage feel from the window. Just imagine all the things you could add. You could be looking into a home/store or looking out into the night. Very versatile.

Don’t forget to visit the Hero Arts blog and enter in the giveaway to win a kit before you can buy it!

50 thoughts on “Countdown to My Monthly Hero October 2021

  1. MIchelle Hackett says:

    This reminded me of a shop in Ireland that my husband and I visited years ago. Just lovely!!! Looking forward to seeing the kit.


  2. Teri Smith says:

    You’ve made a beautiful card that is so reminiscent of an “old fashioned” Christmas store window. I am impressed with the design in the “wood” around the window. Such thought went into this kit.


  3. Kathy Wong says:

    Love that Lemon Drop background – I’ll have to give that a try. Thanks for the sneak peek at some of the other elements included too!


  4. Mary Lou Ni Maire says:

    I don’t want to wait till Monday–I want to see all the accessories and the kit RIGHT NOW! Love the window soooo much!


  5. dkittswadlow says:

    The window, and the old timey table with the candelabra sitting on it gives the aura of an old victorian house. Beautiful card and sneak peek.


  6. Holly Mahoney says:

    Beautiful card and I love the vintage feel of it! The details are wonderful. If you can believe it I have never seen the movie Home Alone but it’s on my list of movies to watch.


  7. Florie Vega says:

    Mindy, I would love to be inside your Christmas Hub, it’s so pretty that you get the Christmas spirit right away when you see a card like this one l


  8. spilor says:

    Hi, MIndy – Love the bright red frame in the form of a window, the hobby horse, the candelabra, and (of course) the Christmas tree. It’s a beautiful tableau. So glad I found you. I draw inspiration from every post!
    L in PA


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