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Countdown to My Monthly Hero August 2021

Hey Hey everyone! It’s time to Countdown to the new My Monthly Hero kit from Hero Arts! Are you ready for some colorful inspiration!? Here we go!

Do you know what one of my favorite products is ?

Did you guess stencils? You got it !

And do you know what one of my favorite things to do is?

Did you guess ink blend? You are on a roll!

Now how about a backwards rainbow? I forgot how awesome these look when the purple is towards the top instead of the bottom. Kind of deceiving at first.

I used all Hero Hues Reactive Inks including Taffy, Creamsickle, Lemon Drop, Green Apple, Pool Party and Purple Galaxy.

I then added flicks of Metallic Glimmer Ink for sparkle.

Looking at this in another way, I can kind of see a 70’s vibe with the right colors.

This card is finished off with a sentiment heat embossed in Gold Glitter Embossing Powder on Pitch Black cardstock. Just look how that black pops right off the card. Pure goodness right there, don’t ya think?

Hope you enjoyed today’s inspiration!

Don’t forget to visit for the Hero Arts blog for more inspiration and check out Day 1 of the countdown.

Tune in Monday for the whole kit reveal!


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  1. Susieq says:

    Beautiful card. Looks like this months kit is going to be colorful!

  2. Ann Tolman says:

    Love your card! I agree with you that the purple looks great as the top color.

  3. Judy Inukai says:

    What a delightfully cheery card.

  4. MIchelle Hackett says:

    I love stencils too. They make creating something beautiful, simple. This stencil could be used for so many things….water, sun rays, hills, etc. Great card.

  5. Robin Keith says:

    I love the bright colors and happy vibe of this card!

  6. I love stencils and all the different ways to use them. Rainbow effects are my favorite! So gorgeous .

  7. Michele W says:

    Like your cheerful and wavy backwards rainbow. 🙂 Looks like an interesting stencil. Looking forward to seeing what all is in this kit.

  8. CINDY Aguirre says:

    Loving the bright rainbow colors and how you turned the stencil!

  9. Nancy Knapp says:

    I love this card! So colorful and pretty! Thanks for sharing!

  10. gertrude61 says:

    Your rainbow is beautifully sparkly and vibrant.

  11. Maria B says:

    Your rainbow bright colors are so cheerful.

  12. Gorgeous card Mindy ! I love the colors and the stencil looks fabulous ! 🙂

  13. Deborah Bee says:

    I am going to enjoy making colorful backgrounds and using the stencil. If lends itself to many different techniques.

  14. Lieve S says:

    What a beautiful, vibrant, happy card !
    The kit looks promising !
    Creative greetings from Belgium.

  15. Gorgeous rainbow colors and an awesome card.

  16. Barbara-Jean Kubik says:

    Really like the colorful flow of your card, as well as its message

  17. My favourite product, aside from inks, are stencils as well. I really like the rainbow in reverse order. Maybe it’s because I’m a huge fan of purples & blues. They belong at the top. lol

  18. Jodi W. says:

    Those colors are gorgeous! Love the design/angle.

  19. Lisa Clark says:

    Fun stencil and beautiful ink blending!

  20. spilor says:

    Dear Mindy –
    This card absolutely ROCKS!! So dynamic!!!
    Lori S in PA

  21. Ddmac58 says:

    I love this card so beautiful and bright. The ink blending is fabulous.

  22. Wendy Dillon says:

    Love the offset of the stencil! So creative!

  23. Stunning!! Ilove this wonderful rainbow and the purple does look amazing at the top!! A beautiful card and message! 🙂

  24. The colors in your card rock!

  25. Marisela Delgado says:

    So pretty!

  26. Patt H. says:

    I love this gorgeous card! Fabulous colors & a great design!

  27. What a happy card! I love the rainbow background and sentiment! 🙂

  28. Virginia Ellison says:

    Looks like the kit is going to be full of colors…. love it…

  29. Evelyn Larson says:

    Hello from, Malta, New York. I just love your backward rainbow of color. What a great thing to do. I need to try this out. Great card.

  30. Marjorie says:

    I really love colour and this one speaks to me. Lovely card.

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