Blender Brushes by Taylored Expressions

Welcome everyone! I’m so thrilled to be helping introduce the new Blender Brushes from Taylored Expressions. I love ink blending and have really been enjoying using blender brushes to add color to my cards.


I have a video showing an unboxing of the brushes and the new tool caddy. I’ll be going through why I fell in love with these brushes, what makes them so amazing and I’ll be creating two cards with the brushes. You can check out the video down below or HERE on my Youtube channel.

Taylored Expressions has an amazing deal going on too! But only for a limited time so be sure to snag that up! I’ll have shopping links throughout my post and also at the end of my post.

Not going to lie, one of the first things that caught my eye with the brushes are the handles. I mean, come on, it’s a rainbow! Not only is it appealing to the eye but it’s quite handy. You have a handle for every color including Red, Pink, Orange, Yellow, Green, Light Blue, Dark Blue, Purple, Grey, Brown for neutrals. You just need to clean off your brush on scratch paper or microfiber cloth to switch shades.

There are 10 brushes in the set, all the same size brush heads. This is the size I would typically use anyway so I find this super helpful. They also come in fine, white synthetic bristles, not natural hair fibers. This makes them easy to clean.

The storage caddy I find super helpful as well. It goes together very easily and it spins! There is a slot for each brush and I find it quite handy to have on my desk when reaching for a new color.

Now onto my card! For this first card, I used the Be a Mermaid Stamp & Die Set( TE ) stamp set and Stencil – Taylored Expressions Go with the Flow( TE ).

I sprayed the back of the stencil with iCraft Pixie Spray( TE ) to temporarily adhere it to my TE Premium Cardstock – Sugar Cube( TE ) card stock. Then I ink blended TE Premium Ink – Salt Water Taffy – Full Pad( TE ), TE Premium Ink – Cookie Monster – Full Pad( TE ); and TE Premium Ink – Jelly Donut – Full Pad( TE ) Ink.

After ink blending, I added on Nuvo Glimmer Paste – Moonstone – Taylored Expressions( TE ) and let dry.

The fun mermaid tail was die cut from Sugar Cube card stock with my Spellbinders Platinum machine and then I ink blended Cookie Monster and Jelly Donut ink. My sentiment is stamped onto *Cookie Monster card stock* with TE Premium Ink – Oreo – Full Pad( TE ) and added to my card front.

My next card is a really quick and simple card where I was first testing out the brushes. I started with the Birds & Blooms Stencil( TE ) and ink blended TE Premium Ink – Lemon Meringue – Full Pad( TE ), TE Premium Ink – Fruit Punch Full Pad – Taylored Expressions( TE ) and Premium Ink – Taylored Expressions Mulled Wine Full Pad( TE ). I went pretty heavy on this round and once I removed the stencil I went back over the white space. I wanted to test out if I could achieve a light blend over the top without leaving fiber marks.Worked like a charm!

I’m also showing in my VIDEO how to create a ton of sentiments at once using the Simple Strips Background( TE ) .Totally genius idea!

One thing I want to say that I’m sure I will get asked is how they compare to xyz company brushes. I will not do that. I do not like to necessarily “compare”. I will tell you what I think of a product and how I used it but I will not say if one is better then the other. That is for you to decide. I’m a huge supporter of many companies and love them all for their uniqueness.

With that being said, I do love these brushes and give them my stamp of approval. Taylored Expressions is having an amazing deal for a limited time so be sure to head over there and check it all out. I will be picking up a second set myself . I’m also excited to try the cleaner tool as I don’t have one of those for any of my brushes.

Thank you so much for stopping by today. I hope you found my post\video informative and inspiring and will give these brushes a try. If you struggle with ink blending, I really do think brushes are the way to go. I’ve met Taylor in person and she is a wonderful human being and bonus, the company has extraordinary shipping turnaround!

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