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Hey Everyone! I just wanted to pass along some companies that I’ll be using in the coming future. School will be starting soon and even though I will miss the chaos around the house, it will be nice to get back to working during the day when they are gone haha! Crafting has been limited to evenings so we could enjoy the summer.
So these companies have some very fun and unique stamps, dies and embellishments! I highly suggest checking them out ! I’m working on some orders but by the time they come in I will most likely be on small “mini mommy vacation” that I take to Minnesota next week. I promise though, I will have cards and videos to share down the road though!
First we have HoneyBee Stamps
Honey Bee Stamps
Not only do they carry stamps, dies and my favorite of course is stencils but they also have some really unique embellishments, inks, art supplies – I mean really – you have to check it out – they have a TON of stuff! 
Next is Studio Katia
One thing that drew my attention to this company was the simplicity of some of these stamps. They are beautifully designed as well. They also carry dies, sequins mixes, seed beads, watercolors, and  a few other embellishments. Definitely worth checking out! 
Another company is Ellen Hutson. Now I have purchased from here before for supplies and let me say super shipping department! 
They have a huge variety of products whether it be crafting supplies, stamps, dies .. you name it! From various stamp companies. 
I hope you take a second to check these companies out! I’m excited to be sharing them with you and my creations. These are just in addition to what I’m already using so it will be fun to add these to my craft stash! 
I just wanted to note that none of these companies have asked me to use their stamps or gifted me anything. This is all on my own. Also – if you haven’t already it would be a great idea to sign up for email notifications off on my sidebar. Then all my fun news will be delivered right to you and you won’t have to hunt down my posts.
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