Halloween Treat Boxes

Halloween Treat Boxes

I’m usually such a last minute person. Anytime I need treats for the kids at school, they don’t get done until the night before. This year, I’m very proud of myself for starting a week early but with 2 kids in school now that equals to a lot of treats ! 
Here are some boxes I made for my daughter’s girl scout troop. It’s her job to fill them with candy haha! 
SVG Cutting Files – Arched Cat Handled Bag
 Next up is some trapezoid boxes for my kids teachers, office staff and therapists.
These faces are actually supposed to have two teeth poking through but when making 18 of them, I shortened up the process by leaving them off and just drawing a small line for a small.
Now, I just need about 50 kids treats boxes and I’ll be all set ! 
Thanks for stopping by and have a fantastic day! 
~ Mindy 

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