Welcome Kawaii!!!!

I am so super excited to announce that I will be making Kawaii paper piecings and adding them to my ebay and website! What is Kawaii ?? Kawaii is the quality of cuteness in the context of Japanese culture. They are uber-cute images with little faces on them. 
Kawaii Banana Split
Kawaii Birthday Cake
Kawaii Smore
Kawaii Nerdy Apple
Kawaii Pencil
Kawaii Nerdy Bread
Kawaii Tooth and Brush

See?! How cute are those ? These that I made are all under 4″ tall so they are perfect for scrapbook pages, cards, pocket pages, and even planners! All the patterns I used to create these cuties are from SVG Cutting Files. They are tons of images for Kawaii and more are added all the time .
Along with the Kawaii images as new listings to my ebay and website, I also listed some new titles.

You can find any of these items for sale in my Ebay Store or Website

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