Monday with Mindy October 31

Happy Halloween!!

Is everyone all set for the trick-or-treaters? We are taking both kids out trick-or-treating this year since Dalton is a little older now. Should be fun – I just hope its not TOO cold… lol

So… onto my project for today. My daughter Ali who is 5 loves to read … or should I say loves for me to read her books. She is going to be a total bookworm like her mom, I just know it. So with her love for books…I created a bookmark for her.

You can find the owl and book pattern HERE at Scraptastical Kreations. 
Once I had the bookmark put together and hole punched, I laminated it and added ribbon. It’s not a normal bookmark size but that’s ok 🙂

Hope you like the project and check back again soon!

Would love to hear your feedback on what you thought of my bookmark!

If you are a stamper – be sure to check out my Stamps page – I have tons that I’m selling!

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