Betterpress Letterpress Techiques with SCT Magazine

Hello friends! I have some fun techniques to share with you featuring the Spellbinders BetterPress LetterPress system. I’m sharing these techniques over on the SCT Magazine Blog/Youtube channel.

The VIDEO will walk you through the BetterPress system and also the two techniques I’m sharing.

The first card will feature some watercoloring I did to color in the image.

The detail the BetterPress gives is absolutely amazing!

The second card is created an ink blended background. In the video, I’m ink blending OVER the pressed image but I have since learned I prefer to ink blend FIRST and THEN do the impression.

I also did a bit of coloring technique on this image as well to really make the image pop off the card.

Be sure to check out that VIDEO to see how I did these techniques!


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  1. This is a stunning set of cards. How I wish I could get that Better Press, but I just can’t afford it at this time. I love that you discuss whether to press and THEN ink blend or the reverse. Thanks for including your comments on that. I also love the watercoloring. Great cards, both. I left a comment at YT as well.
    Lori S in PA

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