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Non-Traditional Colors To Stretch Your Stamps

Welcome friends! Today I have some inspiration to use that may give you ideas on how to stretch your stamp sets.


You can watch the video down below or HERE on my Youtube channel.

For my card project, I’m using the Pretty Pink Posh Pine Wreath stamp set. I’m going to stamp it in Blue Jay ink for a non-traditional look. I like changing up the color of the wreath because them I can stretch this past the holidays.

For the background, I used the Snowflakes Stencil using Misty Coast ink which is a light grey ink and adds some subtle interest to the background.

The sentiment I chose comes from the Mouse Friends stamp set. Now this card could be used in January and even February but if you find some smaller images to place on the wreath other then the ornaments, you could use this set into Spring and Summer even!

I think a wreath is really versatile and doesn’t have to be used just during the holiday season.

Be sure to check out the video down below for more details on how I created this card.


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