Introduction to Wax Seals

Hello friends! Today I’m giving you an introduction to wax seals.


I have a video that you can view down below or HERE on my Youtube channel.

Wax seals are nothing new. They have been around for centuries and a lot of times were used to seal documents, verify something was not opened or tampered with and also verify identity. A signet ring or family crest would be impressed into the wax to represent a house or add as decoration.

Nowadays, you may see them on envelopes or invitations as embellishments.

Did you know a particular represents something? Black represented mourning or something of grave importance; Violet for sympathy; Chocolate for dinner invites; red for business, ruby for engaged lovers’ letters to each other; Pink is congratulations; and White was for weddings and invitations, just to name a few lol ..

I had been putting off really getting into wax seals but the moment I opened the Sealed by Spellbinders package and got started, I couldn’t stop. Everything you need to get started is included in the Sealed by Spellbinders kit, with the exception of a tea light and lighter.

I’ll be showing you some wax seal products from Honey Bee Stamps as well and how I am storing my wax beads and stamps.

Both of these companies have a variety of wax seal stamps available and also a great selection of wax beads. I’ve been slowly purchasing some to get have a few to play with but let me tell you, I’ll be buying more!

Some people collect pins. Some people collect coffee mugs. Why? Because it makes them happy. Well, I have found mine. I loved the whole process of melting the wax, pouring it, and stamping in it.

You can mix different color beads together to create a marble effect which is sooo fun.

In my video, I’ll walk you through the steps to get started and some do’s and don’ts.

I’ll show you how you can step up your wax seals too.

I am fascinated by history and felt more connected to history when creating these. It’s something I now like to do in the evenings before I shut down for the day.

Most people would put the wax right on the envelopes to seal them and you can definitely do that. You can also add adhesive to the back and secure them to your envelope later or to your project if you want to use them as embellishments.

While I don’t have these on any projects yet, I’m sure you will see these popping up in the future. It is a new fascination of mine if you can’t tell by all the detail I described in this post lol. Probably the most detailed blog post I’ve written in a long time. It has sparked something in me that I plan on fueling.

Thanks for hanging in there and even if you are not ready to jump in or don’t think you’d be interested in wax seals, I still encourage you to check out the video. You just never know.


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  1. I loved watching your wax seal video! Have you ever used the wax candle type of wax? Where you light the end of the wax (like a candle) and it drips onto your mat.
    Also, is there extra postage for mailing envelopes with a wax seal on them?

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