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Craft Room STORAGE SOLUTION: Embellishments & Stickers

Hi friends! I am popping in with something that I’ve really been wanting to share with you and that is my new storage solution for embellishments and stickers.


I have a video that you can view down below or HERE on my Youtube channel.

When I first started getting into embellishments, I had picked up the Elizabeth Ward trays but I’ll be honest. I have never liked them. It always took me like 3 containers just to put in one bag of sequins and the static drove me nuts! It’s like more of the sequins were getting on the floor then in the container.

Now don’t get me wrong. This option works for a ton of people, but I am not one of those people lol… I’m going to link it down below in case it is something that works for you. Here’s a look at the Elizabeth Ward trays.

I started throwing my sequins and embellishments into baskets, which wasn’t really working either. I would have to dig through piles and that was a time waster.

Then, I was chatting with my sister who only recently (last couple years) got into card making. She found a storage solution that I fell in love with!

These containers are amazing! They are about 2.5″ x 2.5″ x 0.8″ . I could fit an entire bag of sequin or embellishments into one, with room to spare.

The seal really well so nothing spills out.

I take my label maker and add a label to the end so I know the company and the mix.

For the containers that have multiples bags in one, I like to use triangle trays to scoop out a few for my project.

Now for stickers or embellishments with very very fine sequins in them, I keep those in these photo storage containers. Some of them I have are for 4×6 and some are for 5×7.

These have also been a life saver for me!

As far as where to put all of those containers, I found these large project containers work well. I picked up a bunch from Hobby Lobby with a coupon. The ones from Hobby Lobby are about 14x14x3.

The closest thing I could find online are the 12×12 containers which would work as well. I’m also to link a few other options down below that I found on amazon but I haven’t tried myself.

Now if you don’t have a ton of embellishments, you could put these smaller containers and photo storage containers in your drawers. They fit really well in the Alex drawers but I have no room to spare in my drawers.

Now these containers fit perfectly on the top of my shelves.

I label the ends so I know what company is in which container.

I sort all of mine by company because of my job but I could see how it would be better to sort by color.

I am so happy I picked up this solution from sister. Hopefully you have found some solutions in this post and video that will help you.


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  1. susan goodrow says:

    Thank you for the great idea’s mine are all over in a drawer the rest of my room is very organized but never knew what to do with all those small pkg.

  2. spilor says:

    Thanks for the tips, Mindy. I like the 2.5×2.5 size. I need to get things organized better, so these might be a good option. I appreciate your help.
    Lori S in PA

  3. Patti Nienberg says:

    Love your storage and organizing videos! Being that your craft area is of smaller size, I get so many great ideas from you! I have some of the 12×12 unused cases! Think this will work wonders!

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