VIDEO: Craft Room Tour: Making The Most Of A Small Space

Welcome everyone! Well, it’s finally ready! I’ve been promising a tour of my craft space for a quite a while. Today, I’m walking you through every nook and cranny in my little craft corner that I have set up in my kitchen. It’s all put in a video for you so I won’t go through too much here on my blog so please be sure to check it out.


At the end of this post, I have GIVEAWAYS and DISCOUNT CODES from some of the amazing companies out there! They are truly wonderful people that I have blessed to work with and get to know.

In the video, I will also give you a little history about myself and family. I will include Time Stamps so you can skip around to the parts of the video that interest you the most.


You can catch the full video tour down below or HERE on my Youtube channel.

The biggest tip I can give you when working with a small space is BE ORGANIZED. It helps so much! When everything has a specific home, it makes it a lot easier to find things and make room to work.

Please note: my lighting is not the greatest and I was doing this filming all on my own. I tried to lighten up the video as much as I could so you could see everything. Also, I do not get in front of the camera very often. I’m more comfortable showing my hands lol. It was highly nerve-wracking to put my face out there. And last but not least, I apologize for the hum of my refrigerator (I work in a kitchen) and hopefully you don’t get seasick from the camera being wobbly at times.

Let’s get started!

This is a main picture of my craft space. I have the back wall lined with ink pad organizers from Organize More (discount code!)

Inks that I have in my organizer are from Hero Arts, Taylored Expressions, Lawn Fawn, Pink Fresh Studio and Concord & 9th. (shopping discounts below!)

I state in my video I’m an impulse buyer and very impatient. When I want to change up my craft room, I want to do it instantly. With that said, I ran to Michaels and picked up Modular Mobile Chest by Simply Tidy, Modular Half Cube by Simply Tidy, & Modular Table Top by Simply Tidy.

This pegboard and shelves comes from Ikea. (pictured below)

I have it filled with my Ranger Distress Oxide Sprays, Taylored Expressions watercolors/reinkers, Hero Arts Liquid Watercolors and a few other misc items.

On my desk, (pictured below), I have another ink pad organizer from Organize More (discount code!). This one is filled with all of my Distress Oxide inks and a few other ink pads I reach for frequently. On top of the organizer, I have my blending brushes from Gina K Designs, Taylored Expressions and Honey Bee Stamps which are all held in stands from Make It By Marko.

Make It by Marko has great organizers for crafters including different holders for brushes, Tidy Towel/Stamp Shammy cases and phone clips (we love the phone clips)!

This is quick look at how I hold my copic markers. I have each color group in its own cup. Sorry, no clue where I got the cups from but they are just a cheap, white plastic cup. I keep these on the second shelf of my Hudson Rolling Cart by Simply Tidy. I love this cart!

I keep new releases or products I want to work with next on the top shelf, copic markers on the second shelf and cleaning supplies on the third shelf.

Under my desk, I have two Alex drawer units. The first drawer is a bit of mess but has some of my most reached for items.

The second drawer holds my full size Distress Ink pads that I have in Clear Plastic Drawer Organizers from Amazon. I also have my Lawn Fawn Trimmings tucked in at the ends.

The third drawer is filled with adhesive including foam squares, Easy See tape, tape runners and liquid glue.

Fourth drawer down is my embossing draw. Some embossing powders I keep in tupperware containers and some I have in the small plastic cases that I picked up in the school section. Most of these baskets/cases I picked up at Walmart but you could find them anywhere.

I have powders from Hero Arts, Gina K Designs, Lawn Fawn, & Taylored Expressions.

The last drawer holds my mini ink cubes. I found these beading cases in the craft section of my local shopping store and they fit the mini ink cubes perfectly.

On the left hand side of me in another Alex drawer unit, I have some blending tools and scissors.

In another drawer, I hold my Distress Spray Stains, Embossing Glaze, Pixie Spray, blocks, and other misc bottles sprays that didn’t fit in the drawers or the pegboard.

Next drawer is my Gina K Designs inks pads. I used to have these in the ink pad holder on my desk and just recently switched them out. I like to just switch things up a little bit. I don’t have a lot of MFT inks yet so what I do have fits nicely in this drawer. I also have these inks in the Clear Plastic Drawer Organizers that I got from Amazon.

Behind my desk, I have a few of the Modular Drawers by Simply Tidy. This drawer holds my zipper pouches from Pear Blossom Press in which I have my zig markers in. I also have some embellishments from Pink Fresh Studio.

(pictured below) This drawer holds some watercolors and paint palettes.

Some more blending tools are shown below. These are from Picket Fence Studios, Honey Bee Stamps and Altenew. I like that Altenew’s brushes come in a case so it won’t get ink all over my drawer.

We are now hitting a misc drawer lol . This one (pictured below) holds latex gloves for when working with alcohol inks, a brayer, and watercolor brush pens from Altenew.

The last drawer in this unit holds my Alcohol inks that I keep in a tin.

In the next set of drawers starting at the top holds my ATG tape, refills for my label maker and a supplies case from Taylored Expressions.

The colorful tool pictured on the top of this is a Stampin Bug which is similar to the “chuckie tool” if you watch Gina K Designs. This just helps me when stamping with my Misti. You can check out the variety over in their Etsy shop.

We have a drawer that holds my Simple Strips from Taylored Expressions, Distress Paints and rubber brayers.

(pictured below) Still a work in progress. I got these inserts (Essential Oil Wooden Grid Organizers) from Amazon with the hopes of fitting ink blending tools but they are just a tad too small. So instead, I used them for my reinkers.

Lots of Thermoweb and Gina K Designs Glitz Glitter Gels, Flock and Enamel sheets.

Bottom drawer holds my pastes, powders and gels.

Top drawer of another Modular unit holds some of my work surfaces including the Ranger Silicone mat and Waffle Flower Mixed Media Mat.

Foam tape and double sided adhesive.

I have a drawer for my Spellbinders Glimmer Hot Foiling System.

Bottom drawer contains lots of Glimmer Hot Foils and the tubes of Deco Foil.

I’m sure I’m missing something so if you want to know about something in particular please let me know. I crammed a lot of information in my video and tried to get pictures of what I could.

The companies listed below are just some of the companies featured in my video today that I keep out in the kitchen with me. I also have a shelf in my bedroom down the hall with other companies products. I’ll save that for another day. Please see my Affiliates page for all the companies that I love and support!


Leave a comment on my video HERE to be entered into winning 1 of 7 giveaways listed below! Here is what is up for grabs! I will notify you on Youtube if you are a winner. This giveaway closes on Friday March 12, 2021 at midnight central time.


These amazing companies have offered shopping discounts to my viewers. Please pay attention to their restrictions and expiration dates that are listed. Thank you so much for their generosity!

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  • Erin Lee Creative – 15% off storewide! Code MINDY15 (expires 3/12/2021)
  • Pear Blossom Press – 20% off storewide – Code MINDY20 (expires 3/14/2021)
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  • Organize More – 10% off storewide – Code MINDY10 (expires 3/31/2021)
  • Concord & 9th – 15% off your purchase storewide – Code MINDY15 (expires 3/31/2021)
  • Arkon Mounts – 20% off storewide – Code mindyeggen


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  1. I love your videos and cards! Your craftroom is perfect for your family. It wouldsure force me to clean up my space better! I like crafting in the living room with my hubby. Thanks for sharing your space.

  2. Love how you have organized your space, Mindy. I will be utilizing some of your ideas in my craft space. Thanks for sharing!!!

  3. To see how you have been able to find a spot to use and be productive without a huge fancy room is inspiring! Kudos!! I think you’ve e done a fantastic job with your space! Thank you for sharing this! I did get several ideas from you! Yay!!!

  4. Enjoyed the video – am always looking for organization tips. Thanks!

  5. This is fantastic!! I love how everything is so organized! You gave me some ideas for my stamp room-I’m always changing things around and trying to find what works best for me! Thanks for sharing.❤️

  6. Thanks for the organizing ideas, always looking for ways to keep things accessible but organized. Any tips on organizing stamps, dies and the like?

  7. Love your craft space. I have been trying to organize and gained a lot of ideas from watching this. Thanks so much for sharing

  8. Hi Mindy! It’s Kim of Kim’s Handcrafted Cards, so glad to find your blog! I love your videos and it was so cool to see you on your Craftroom tour! I definitely love organizing as I work in a small space so I have to constantly look at what I have to purge and be deliberate about what I buy! 🙂

  9. Fantastic video. Love your craft/ kitchen. Thank you . You are very organized.

  10. Thanks for sharing your craft space! I have watched, paused, rewound , and watched more! I am planning to buy and use several of your ideas. Just ordered 2 ink stands! (Thanks for discount!) Curious as to the size of space from your desk to table behind you? (My shed is 10×12) I’m wondering if I can set mine up that way! Again, thank you!

  11. I really enjoyed seeing your craft space. I am trying to organize all of my craft stuff. I have a craft room but it is stack with everything. I am fromSW Louisiana and we got a direct hit with 2 hurricanes so while I consider myself fortunate my house is livable and I can hold off on repairs, our lives are upside down here. Micheals is the only craft store left standing here now and they pretty much are concentrating on cricut (?). So I am taking time to organize my stamps and dies. The living room has become my crafting area. I like to scrapbook and I do a few cards but I love to learn techniques to apply to scrapbooking. I love the storage for your ink pads. I had never heard of Organize More or Make it by Marko. I use Velcro dots to attach my foam blender on each of my distress oxide pads (in the base). Thank you for your videos I very much enjoy them.

  12. I really enjoyed watching your video, picking up tips of what you like and don’t like, and how you organized everything. I learned so much…

  13. Thanks for showing your crafting space and how you organize everything!

  14. You’ve made great use of your space, Mindy. I’m impressed by you as a designer but more impressed that you have stayed home with your son so his care was a priority, and I’ll make a concerted effort to purchase from your affiliate links.
    I wanted to tell you that you should check out the Cube Bookcases from Better Homes & Gardens at Walmart. I have three 8 cubed bookcases on one wall of my craft room lined up next to one another. On another wall I have two on the ground and one laying on top of those (secured). 24 12.5×12.5 cubes per wall. Incredibly sturdy and no bending. I can’t recommend them enough. Love them in white.

  15. HI Mindy, you did a great job in your craft room tour. Very well organized and workable in the space you have. I enjoyed crafting in my dining area, too. I’ve moved to a room now, but I kind of miss the dining area! You are a gem and I enjoyed your video … and I always enjoy your cards. My best to you and your family.

  16. I have been looking for a video like this for setting up small space crafting areas. You shared so many helpful ideas. You use many of the brands I use, which helps me aware of what will work space wise. Thank you for your time videoing to help others!! I’m working now, but cheers to stay-at-home moms! Did that for 20 years myself!!

  17. I got a lot of great ideas while watching your video. I’ll be putting them to good use. Thanks for sharing the codes!

  18. I got a lot of great ideas while watching your video. I’ll be putting them to good use. Thanks for sharing the codes!

  19. Really enjoyed meeting you and visiting your craft area. They say the kitchen is the heart of the home and isn’t it nice to be able to spend time with those you love doing what you love in that room! I have purchased some items from the Etsy store MAKE IT BY MARKO thanks to this video/blog. I love your space and I thank you for sharing it with us. I’ve come away with some great ideas for my craft area.

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