Ink Pad Labeling

Welcome everyone! I have a little bit of a different post for you this afternoon and it’s all about labeling your ink pads.

Working in a small space in my kitchen, I need to be as organized as I can be. I learned that very quickly. One of the things that I like to have organized are my ink pads. I’m a visual person so having a color on the end is super helpful to me. Not only is this helpful when grabbing an ink off the shelf but it is also helpful when creating a mess on my desk.


I recently received my order from Taylored Expressions which had some ink pads in it so I thought I’d share my process. I have a video tutorial that you can check out down below or HERE on my Youtube channel.

I use my Brother P-Touch Label Maker for all of my labeling. This was a tip I picked up from one of Jennifer McGuire’s video and it’s a good tip! I used to use the ones from Walmart but the label would fade out and I could barely read the words. Once I got the Brother P-Touch Label Maker I redid all of my labels…. on everything!

In my video I walk you through how I print off my labels. Once I have those attached to my ink pad, I’ll trim down some Neenah Solar White card stock into thin strips. Then I drag the ink pad across a strip of that card stock and cut off a couple squares. These are my swatches for the ink pads.

Another trick I picked up, I think from Kristina Werner, is running these little ink swatches through a Xyron Sticker Maker. After you run those through, the backs will be completely sticky and you can add to the ends of you ink pads.

Now I can see where everything is on my OrganizeMore storage unit. Granted it may not be the “true” color but it’s close enough for me. I keep a separate swatch book for all the ink colors that I refer to when picking colors for a project.

Having these labeled and with color swatches is so helpful for me!

I hope this quick video and post gives you some ideas in organizing your inks pads.

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  1. Thanks for the great info Mindy! How do you organize your markers – copies and such. I’m struggling right now with those. Using the OrganizeMore units for Markers is okay but you seem to get them to lie with the end cap particularly readable? Got a system? Love to hear about it!



  2. I’ve been told to store my ink pads upside down. Then you would want to place your labels on the other way. Just a question.

    1. I remembering hearing that too at some point but I haven’t notice any difference at this point

  3. Hi MIndy, I just watched your video. Loved it!! You are such a lovely person in that you explain things so easily, it seems. Right now, I have my full sized ink pads in old cassette holders. When I got my first ink pads, I used Kristina Werner ideas, typing my names on my computer and running the papers through the Xyron X machine. Some have fallen off, so I need to do it a bit differently. I have a lot going on right now, but will definitely come back to your labeling idea. l like how you swatched your pads. I was using the back side of a stamp when I created my first labels. Now, I have a Brother Label maker, similar to yours, and I think your new idea sounds wonderful. Thanks for sharing your ideas!

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