Kit and Clowder November Class

I’ve been taking online classes through Kit and Clowder. Alyce is an absolutely amazing instructor! She has such detailed videos, files and step by step directions. This is the November class that I finally finished. I restarted it about 4 times and finally on the 4th one I was determined to just push through and get it done. I’m honestly still not happy with my final result haha. I know where all my errors are and it really bothers me. I also discovered numerous markers that need to be refilled so that was hanging me up as well…. 
Onto the picture! 
I think one of my biggest issues to work through is I’m not used to blending such large spaces…. and I’m really particular lol … 
But … like I tell my daughter – practice makes perfect. We learn from our mistakes. Our finished product will never look like the original because the person that taught this class has waaaaay more experience than I do obviously. So…. I pushed through .. finished it and now onto my next class! 
You can check out Kit and Clowder HERE if you would like to learn more about coloring with markers or pencils.
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